Sale Announcement and Book update

The ebook addition of Shela, the sequel to Shepherds, goes on sale today for 99 cents and will remain at that price through the end of July.  In this sci-fi action adventure, Olga, a genetically engineered cowboy, and her husband, Toivo, are bound for Hawaii to have their first baby.  Their tuna school and the dolphins who help them herd the fish are left in the care of Shela, another genetically altered person.  But she is captured by human traffickers and it falls to Olga and Toivo to forgo the trip to Hawaii and do whatever they can to save their friend including having a baby in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  The only help they will get is from their faithful dolphins.  Even if they catch up to the slavers’ ship, what can they do against armed thugs?  It is a rollercoaster ride that rushes to a heart-pounding conclusion.

Update note: the second fantasy novel in the pending trilogy that details the origins of Tirumfall Tower and the wizards who built it, has finally crossed 50k words.  Progress has been slow of late but does continue.  At some point, I’ll post a short excerpt on the website as a free teaser.  Look for more info to show up here when that happens.

In the meantime, I hope everyone finds great books to read.  And while you’re looking around, see if you can find and indie author that fits your tastes.