Shepherds Sequel Update

For those of you waiting patiently for this book, I wish I could give you a publication date for it, but alas, not yet.  I have been working on the final revision with my editor, who has pointed out some things that really, really need to be fixed.  That was expected.  What I did not expect was to find that a significant theme from Shepherds had been totally ignored in book 2.  Ugh!  Nothing like figuring that out now.  But it isn’t something I can just ignore and so rather than have a book published with a huge hole I will take the time to get it right.  Every reader deserves a writer’s best, and without reworking this manuscript, my readers wouldn’t be getting that.  Please be patient.  I want this book to hit the high bar set by Shepherds.

And if you haven’t read Shepherds yet, here are links to buy it from your favorite site:  for Amazon B&N for Apple at Kobo