Ten More

ten-more-coverTen More was the first story I sold, as in got paid for my work. I had other short stories printed in fanzines that paid in author copies, but never had gotten a check for U. S. dollars until Ten More. The idea for the story began during an afternoon sail on Lake Erie with friends. “Ten more” was the refrain the whole afternoon as we just couldn’t get enough wind to really get the boat going. I wrote the story shortly thereafter and began sending it to prospective magazines. When it finally sold, it was to a regional sailing magazine on the West Coast whose editor said he didn’t normally use fiction but liked this one so much he wanted to print it. However, a slight problem was that the story had to be revised to fit the San Francisco Bay area. Did it, done, cashed the check and took my sailing friends to dinner. The complete story is available as part of an e-book collection of short stories including Ten More, Afternoon Sail and First Hunt. Enjoy.

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