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Book Signing in Quincy

I spent Memorial Day afternoon with Ryan and Angie at Quincy Books and Toys in Quincy, Illinois. Things started out rather gloomy since when I got there I couldn’t tell from out in the parking lot whether the bookstore was even open.  It was, though other than Angie, who works there, the store was empty.  Ryan showed up shortly thereafter and we had a running discussion the rest of the afternoon as customers drifted in and out.  We talked about writing, book selling, and a number of other subjects.  Meanwhile, I greeted readers as they came in and twisted arms until they took one of my bookmarks even if they had no interest in genre that I write.  All in all it was a fun afternoon, sold a few books, met some nice people, and handed out a stack of bookmarks.  If you are in the area you should get to know Ryan, Quincy Books and if you write, the Hannibal Writers Guild.  Here are photos of me with my books on display and one of me with Ryan and Angie.  Thanks to them both.

For more info on Quincy Books check out their FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/QuincyBooks/

Happy reading everyone.

Bula Bridge Promo Circuit

On Friday, along with my account manager, I did a loop through Ashtabula County visiting places tied into my book.  First stop was The Corner Bar in Austinburg, a spot where in Chapter 12 the terrorist group meets to plot their own version of the Ashtabula Railroad Disaster of 1876. We left a book for the owner and handed out bookmarks (thanks Graydon) to the patrons around the bar.  

From there it was on to Presrite Jeffrerson to give a copy of the book to the guy who provided the inspiration for Bula Bridge by first telling me about the 19thcentury railroad wreck.  There I got a warm reception and we handed out a lot more bookmarks and had some lively discussion about the book.  

Next stop was Bridge Street in Ashtabula.  Since it was coffee time we went to Harbor Perk Coffeehouse first, another meeting place for the terrorists (Chapters 8 and 28) as they continued to plot the destruction of a railroad bridge.  I left a book with manager, Mike, and asked about possibly doing a book signing there.  That needs the owner’s approval and is pending.  Last scheduled stop was at Carlisle’s next door to the coffee shop where the owner graciously agreed to have three copies of Bula Bridge on the shelf for sale.  Carlisle’s is a great place to browse so stop in next time you visit Bridge Street.  

After that, it was off to Geneva Lodge for a glass of champagne to celebrate a successful trip. There we met a couple waiting for the wine tour and after some conversation they wanted copies of the books. So, two books sold and the promo trip really was done. 

Bula Bridge Released

Well today’s the day. Finally “Bula Bridge” is released and ready to buy both as an ebook and in print. This book is my answer to the many requests I got to write another book so readers could find out more about Tommy Galiwee and his friends. This time there’s more about Johanna, who it turns out is a lot more than Tommy thought. I hope you aren’t disappointed. Here are the links:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QFS85PJ Kindle edition

https://www.amazon.com/dp/173230131X paperback edition

Bula Bridge update

Finally the ebook is going live on April 23. Yippee! You can pre-order it at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QFS85PJ though it will be going on sale in a couple of weeks so you might want to hold off.As for the print version, it still awaits final proof approval and that won’t happen before this weekend. Print version should be available by the time the ebook is released.

Bula Bridge Proof NOT coming

I’m beginning to think the universe is against “Bula Bridge” for some reason. The proof copy I was supposed to get yesterday (yes, Amazon even delivers on Sunday) is now lost and no one at Amazon can figure out where it was delivered. So no proof copy and no review and thus no release date. I had to order another one. Maybe I’ll get it by the end of the week, maybe not. How does this happen?

Bula Bridge Proof Coming

Yipee! Finally it appears that the cover and text for the sequel to “War Party” are done. The digital version passed inspection and now I’m just waiting on the printed proof to be sure everything is as it should be. Once that arrives it won’t take long to know if any more fixes are necessary and then the release date can be set (fingers crossed). In the meantime I think I’ll post the e-cover on my website as a teaser. If you want to take a peek, here’s the link: https://jdrewbrumbaugh.com/books/bula-bridge/

Bula Bridge Almost Done

I got the final comments back from my editor and she pointed out some serious problems with the last two chapters; felt I rushed through it and thought there really needed to be more details.  As usual, she was right and so it was back to work, filling in the blanks she’d pointed out and smoothing out the prose so it reads better too.  That puts this novel one step closer to publication, thank God. Since I always like to see a proof print version before I get the ebook going, I’ll be formatting a file to submit to the printer, getting it okayed and then have a copy shipped to me.  With any luck, it won’t have any major issues and I can get both print and e-version published soon thereafter.  Thanks to both my editor and beta readers, and to all the readers who have been so patient.

Amazon and Memberships

A few days ago I went on line to look for a specific gift I had in mind for someone.  Without too much trouble I found exactly what I wanted on Amazon but when I went to purchase it I found out it was only available to Prime members.  Did I want to sign up?  No, I didn’t want to pay for the privilege of buying stuff from them.  Oh, but shipping is free.  Nope, still don’t want it.  I gave up on Amazon and did further searches.  There was the same item at the Target down the street on the shelf.  Yes, I actually had to get in my car and drive there, but within a few minutes I had it, delivery was immediate and I was home to wrap it.  Maybe others think membership in a store is a good thing.  I don’t and won’t start shelling out money to be able to buy things from any particular outlet.  If you want my business just make it easy for me to shop and stop hassling me about buying a membership.  Barnes and Noble, are you listening?

One Publishing Trick I Hate

Like many readers I love to read books in a series.  Good ones allow me to get to know the main characters, see them grow and work their way through a string of ever changing difficulties. I start to think of them as friends.  I like books where all of the specific issues, problems or conflicts brought up in the book are wrapped up by its end.  I go away with a satisfied feeling that I read a complete story.  Sure, there may be other things lurking in the background that will lead to the next book in the series, but the stuff that was the focus of this book has been resolved.  But, and here’s where it goes wrong for me, lately I’ve run into books in a series that end on a cliff-hanger.  The main characters are left in dire straits and the only way to find out what happened is to buy the next book.  That’s just a cheap publishing trick and that’s when I stop reading that series.  When I encounter such an ending it makes me feel like I bought only part of the story and I go away feeling cheated.  If I was reading that series to begin with it was because the prior books in the series did not stoop to such tricks.  The writing was so good, the characters so compelling that I wanted to buy the next book to read the next adventure.  I didn’t need to be coerced in such a blatantly unethical manner.  Anyway, just a pet peeve of mine and one thing I will not do in any book I write.  What do others think?