The Agony and Ecstasy of a New Release

It takes a lot of work to get a book ready for publication.  Sure, it has to be written and since that first draft will be mostly crap there are numerous rewrites.  So, in essence the book will be written multiple times.  And then comes the editor, with corrections, additions, and suggestions, and with a bit of luck, an acceptable final draft results.  Meanwhile, a cover has to be designed and the title decided.  Then the full package gets formatted into a book.  Finally, comes release day and the thrill that goes with seeing all that work end up as a book that someone will buy, read, cherish – or not.  Now as an author, you wait for those first reviews, biting your fingernails.  Will anyone like the book?  You can only hope, and there’s no telling until those first brave readers post their opinion of your creation.  That’s me today, sitting in agony waiting for my newest release, Key to Tirumfall, to get its first review.  Fingers crossed.