The Latest

Hello followers,

Here’s what’s been happening since my last update.  The first rewrite of the third book in the Galiwee Visions series should be done within a week. One more rewrite and then it goes to my editor.  I am hoping that this time around she will not have to wear out her red pen. 

Also, the book now has a title – or at least I think so.  Not revealing it this post. A cover needs to get started and that’s something else I will be working on. 

In addition to novels, I continue to submit the short story “Solitary” to various magazines.  So far, no takers but I have gotten positive feedback from a few editors, even a couple who have asked to see other submissions.  Since I don’t have any other short stories, I began to write one and hope to submit it within a few months.  More on that as the story takes shape.

No appearances to report at this time though I do have a few possibilities pending.  

Wishing everyone good books to read.