Tirumfall as a DnD Adventure

While it is not common knowledge there might be a few readers who know that before #TirumfallTrilogy became the epic fantasy series it is now, I had a #DungeonsandDragons adventure titled “The Secret of Tirumfall Tower” that I ran at a number of gaming conventions.  It dealt primarily with how to open the Tower which turned out to be only a tiny piece of the novel.  In the DnD adventure, a hardy group of adventurers set off to the Tower, very much like Gwen did in “Key to Tirumfall” using only their skill, intuition and perseverance.  Getting the tower open wasn’t easy and there were a number of parties that failed.  It wasn’t just figuring out how to open the doors.  There were plenty of nasty things waiting to attack and kill the party.  Sadly, some parties became cannon fodder and didn’t live long enough to even try opening the tower.  Running that adventure at a con might not be as much fun now because all it would take is one party member who read the books, and the secret is out.  Then again, maybe I should run it again and see who gets it.  Maybe even do a book giveaway to the best player. Hmm, food for thought.

If you haven’t read it yet it’s available at: