Two-for-One Special for NE Ohio readers

If you’re in Northeast Ohio you might want to visit Fireside Book Shop at 29 N. Franklin St. Chagrin Falls. It is a nice bookstore, run by nice people. They have lots of new and used books, plus they’ll buy used books and they can order just about any book you’d want.

They also have a few books of mine, but you’ll never find them without asking.  

So, I’ll make you a deal. Ask to be shown where my books are shelved and check them out.  If you see something you like (it’ll be book 1 of a series because that’s all they are carrying), buy it, snap a photo of the receipt and email that to me along with a mailing address at contact@jdrewbrumbaugh.com Once I see your receipt I’ll mail you book 2 in that series free.

One important note: this is only good until May 30, 2023.