What Happened to Updates?

I had hoped to post an exciting update about the release of the sequel to Shepherds before this.  Unfortunately my trusty Mac bit the dust.  It wouldn’t even boot up.  With my computer dead in the water there was no hope of writing, editing, or putting together a FB post.  I searched the Internet for tips that might help me revive Mac and found lots of YouTube videos about possible things to do.  None that applied to my situation.  I finally caved and took it to an Apple approved service center and well, bottom line was they had to wipe the hard drive clean and reload the OS.  I did have backup of all my writing.  The good news is Mac is back, but without lots of the apps and software that I used to have loaded because somewhere among the things I had installed was what killed Mac.  For now I am being very careful about loading anything.  I don’t want to go through this again and I need to get back to work.  Writing!  Books don’t write themselves.  

I’ll post something more definite soon so stay tuned.