What is an ARC?

As I get nearer to publication of book 3 in the #GaliweeVisions Series, I will be looking for ARC reviewers.  Maybe you aren’t familiar with that term.  It stands for Advanced Review Copy.  What it means is that ARC reviewers get a copy of an unreleased book before publication, often prior to final editing is complete.  They are asked to read the book and be prepared to post an honest review on the date of publication.  This usually gives the book a kick start as far as sales and attention.  When the book is published the reviewer posts their review and rating with the caveat that they received an ARC.

Anyone interested?  Think about it.  I will try to give volunteer reviewers about 3 weeks advance notice to read the book and be ready to post reviews.  More on this later.

In the meantime, stay healthy and read something that makes you smile.