What’s In A Title

With fantasy book 3 set aside to ferment, I am working on the sequel to “War Party” and need to figure out what the title should be. Right now the working title is “Train Wreck” but I think it is both misleading and maybe gives too much away. Another thought is “The Bridge” though again that doesn’t really say much that would draw in those readers who are more likely to enjoy this book. Tommy is a main character in this book, and yes, again he will have a vision that gives him advance knowledge of a potential disaster. Unlike “War Party” this vision is not nearly so easy to determine where or when this is going to happen and so Tommy has to get resourceful about figuring that out. He does have help from friends and especially from Johanna. So without giving too much of the story away, I’m looking for possible titles, maybe even something that suggests that this is book 2 in a series. And if it’s a series, what should the series be called?

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