What’s New?

With the snow flying and cold weather keeping me indoors, it’s the perfect time to write.  So far, I’ve finished one more revision on Shepherds 2, a new novel featuring Olga and Toivo and of course the dolphins.  Still no title yet.  I’ll begin sending chapters to my editor shortly and undoubtedly there will be more changes once she gets a hold of it.  At least I’m getting close and hoping this book will hit the market late Spring.  No deadline though.  I’m not putting myself through that again.  In the meantime, if you’ve read Shepherds you might be interested in reading about how that book came to be.  A short post is at the link below and while you’re there go to my home page and sign up at BookBub or follow me on Facebook to be notified when Shepherds 2 is being released.https://jdrewbrumbaugh.com/books/shepherds/a-template-for-writing-shepherds/

Book 1 in this new series.