What’s Up?

Well, there’s the Screenplay for War Party that it is progressing with help from several people.  No prediction as to when it will be finished or if it will ever have a chance to be made into a movie.  Still, the quest continues.

What about the third book in the Galiwee Visions Series? At least it has a title, “Broken Albatross” and the latest revision will be heading to my editor soon. Depending on how rough the work turns out to be (based on her judgement) I hope it sees print by year end.  Work on the cover will be starting soon.

But that’s not all.  There are several short stories in the works, one in particular titled “Dalphnia’s Grief” will be included in the Tirumfall Trilogy “boxed set” as bonus material.  That project will likely be hitting the publisher some time in 2024.

And a new cover is now done for Child of Prophecy (posted below).

On the what to read shelf, to all you WWII history buffs who have not read the two books by Hermann Wouk, “Winds of War” and “War and Remembrance” I highly recommend them. Both are long works that cover many lesser-known aspects of that conflict as seen by members of one family.

Whatever you’re reading, I hope it is wonderful and you’ll post reviews and tell your friends about the good books.