Writer’s Burnout?

Well, I am happy to report that finally the sequel to Shepherds is done and a proof copy will shortly arrive at my door.  Big sigh of relief here, though that only carries through until the book shows up because then it will be another round of reading, editing, revising, refining the cover and the back cover blurb, copyright page, end data, and other tidbits that are all necessary to finalize this project.  It seems to have gone on forever and, honestly, I’m about sick of it.  #Writers burnout.  Yes, that’s me right now.   I just want the damn book done and published so I can move on to something new, fresh, and exciting.  And even as I say that, I know I cannot cut a single corner or the book won’t be as good as it should be.  So, I tell myself to buck it up and just do the work to finish it.  I wonder if others in the #writingcommunity reach that point of fatigue too.  Maybe I’ll ask them.

Next post should include the cover and release date.  Stay well and happy reading.