Writing and Promoting

Jumping between the writing department and the promotional department can be a struggle.  There’s never enough time for both and yet somehow it must get done.

Currently the writer is nearing the three-quarter mark on the first revision to the final book in the Tirumfall Trilogy.  As with all rewrites this one is going to take several more iterations before it’s ready to publish but at least it’s moving along.  I have to admit some of the characters in book 3 are doing things I had not had in mind when I began writing this novel and there might be a bit of it that seems shocking to some readers.  I just hope it ends up being the kind of shock where the reader goes “Wow.  I didn’t see that coming.” in a good way.

Meanwhile, the promotion department is moving forward on several fronts centered around “Bula Bridge” and how best to market it within the local area.  Up to this point, it  has not gone smoothly.  So far attempts to hold a book signing have not produced anything positive.   I hope one way or the other there is something to report soon.