Writing Update

As most of you know, Shela is out, published, and the ebook is currently on sale.  Thanks to everyone who has read it and especially thanks to those who chose to post a review.  Ratings and reviews are appreciated.

On another note, the Tirumfall Trilogy continues to be my best selling collection, regularly garnering more reviews and positive reader comments.  

That’s all history and as they say “what have you done for me lately?” So, what am I doing?  I am working on the pre-prequel to the fantasy series.  If you read the complete trilogy, you know that there are serious ties to the tower that was built long ago by a group of wizards that has been sealed for centuries.  Who built it?  Why was it locked?  What happened to those wizards?

All that was left unexplained in the current trilogy and is quite a story in itself.

And that’s what I am working on.  It is the fascinating story of a young man who though born into nobility had no future until he discovered magic.  It is the story of how he managed to find his way to the Tirumfall Wizards Guild and through hard work and struggles, earned his place as a wizard. Eventually he becomes the Master Wizard who despite open opposition from some of the more unscrupulous wizards, unites most of the guildmembers to build the tower that finally got Gwen and Isabella into the mess that reaches a climax at the end of Key to Tirumfall.

I hope this (no title yet) will be even better than the books that precede it.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and find some really good books to read.