Writing with Distractions

I finished my short story for the upcoming anthology of stories written during the pandemic, not about it.  That felt good.  Even better was the fact that the book’s editor accepted my story.

I’ve also been chugging along on Tirumfall Trilogy book 3.  I am approaching 2/3 complete, editor approved and all.  That also feels good.

However, book sales have slowed, and that doesn’t feel so great.  I think this goes in cycles so I’ll just hang in there and hope for better days ahead.  Nonetheless, I can’t sit around, I need to do something and with the corona virus keeping things in a state of limbo I’ve tried something new, buying books online and this time not from Amazon!  I found a book store in Pittsburgh (The Tiny Bookstore) that will ship for free if you order $35 or more so I ordered a bunch of books.  We’ll see if they get delivered.

Also, I bought gift certificates to places I want to visit and can only hope they’re still there when it’s a better time to travel.  I see it as doing my part to help keep them in business.

And then I looked at charities that I think would use my money wisely and I’ve made several donations with the hope that someone less fortunate than I am will get some benefit and maybe even be able to smile for a moment or two.

All in all, this is a time none of us are used to, none of us wished for, but here we are.  If it brings us closer, makes us realize that we need to count on each other more, then there will be good come of it, maybe not enough to wipe away all the tears and sadness, but some good.

I can only hope those who are reading this stay safe and healthy.